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Out of Our Dens:
The Richard & the Young Lions Story
a Lantern-Media Production

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We highly recommend:

Two Boots Pioneer Theatre
155 East 3rd Street
New York, NY 10009

Its a beautiful theatre, not too expensive, and they take excellent care of you and your guests..

On July 8th, 2004, & Richard and the Young Lions
presented the world premiere of

Out of Our Dens:
The Richard and the Young Lions Story

Highlights of the evening!

Getting There!

James Hannon (the director) and his "entourage" decided to make the
most of this evening and arrive at the premiere "in style"

"The Chariot Awaits"

"Riding in Style"

"The Director Arrives"


Danny Whalen - filmmaker

Between 7pm and 8pm, we presented the "opening act"

Pocahontas Zero: Evil's Past Revealed

The debut movie of 14 year old filmmaker Danny Whalen.

Pocahontas Zero is an amateur b-movie horror flick that was a prequel to the movie that Danny made a few years back when he was 12. It was well received by the audience, and gave a peek of the great things to come for this young filmmaker.

Watch the trailer to Pocahontas Zero
--- Quicktime version (14mb)
--- RealPlayer version (800k)

E-mail comments to Danny at

The Main Event!!!

Your filmmakers for the evening

James Hannon

Leon Leybs
click pictures to enlarge

At 8pm, we began the main event - The world premiere screening of

Out of Our Dens:
The Richard and the Young Lions Story

Getting ready to begin

Anxiously awaiting the start

James signing his first autograph

James warms up the crowd

click pictures to enlarge

The World Premiere of "Out of Our Dens"

The lights went out in the theatre, and the movie began.

Not the most fertile ground for photographs, so there aren't any for this part.

However "Out of Our Dens" was playing, and it seemed that people really enjoyed it.
So, if you want to see what people were seeing at this point feel free to go to the
Buy the DVD page.

Premiere Reviews

Hear Dave the Rave's review of the premiere:
---Mp3 version
---Realaudio version

Click here to read a review of the premiere by Jimmy Diamonde of the band Jeff Hornlien and the Riff Surfers

After the movie and a few DVD Extras ended, James brought up all the Young Lions in the audience that night for a tribute to Richard. The crowd was also treated to two tracks from the new Richard and the Young Lions album that Richard Tepp had just finished before he died.

click pictures to enlarge

After the show ended, we retreated to the lobby where people got to talk to the Young Lions and get things autographed.

Jackie, James & Dave the Rave

James, Ray, and Leon

Shelly Riff, Rick Robinson, Casey Tepp, Louie Vlahakes, and Lynne Taylor

Igor, James & Stu Whalen
(Danny's proud dad)

James and Samina

James & Shelly Riff

Bob Freedman, Pat St John, Dave the Rave, & Scott Regen

Lynne Taylor, Casey Tepp, Pat St John & Shelly Riff

Pat St John & Bob Freedman

Marc Lees & Pat St John

Dave the Rave, Scott Regen, Joel from Strictly60's, Bob Freedman & Marc Lees

Bob Freedman, Marc, Bitsy & Barb Lees, and James

Bob Freedman, Marc Lees & James

Leaving the theatre

Bob Freedman, Marc
and Barb Lees

click pictures to enlarge

And then finally it was time to leave
after a night that we will always remember!

click pictures to enlarge

photos courtesy of: Bob & Marie Freedman, Heather & Patrick Guglielmo, Theresa Hannon, & Samina Muhith

If you have any more pictures of the premiere, send em to me at and I will try to put them up here!

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Scotch Plains, NJ 07076

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