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Out of Our Dens:
The Richard & the Young Lions Story
a Lantern-Media Production

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Reviews of the "Out of Our Dens Premiere
----From Jim G. who was there that evening

Hey Folks, I'm coming out of hiding for just a few minutes to let you all know that I attended Jimbo's premiere last night and it was really wonderful--a great accomplishment for him and a tremendous boost for the band Richard & The Young Lions.

Judybaby and I made our way up to Manhattan from the Jersey Shore yesterday and got to the theater in the East Village, where the first feature was just wrapping up. It's a small theater in a residential neighborhood that was once presided over by the NY chapter of the Hell's Angels. Times change.

We got to the theater and located Jimbo right away--in the darkened theater. He got right up, gracious as always, and greeted us warmly.

After a few minutes the first film finished--the end credits were hysterically funny and the audience really seemed to be having fun.

I got us a pair of seats and introduced myself to the guy next to me in the aisle seat. He turned out to be Jay Lustig of the (New Jersey) Star-Ledger newspaper. We chatted on and off throughout the evening.

I made my way around the theater, working it in small sections. Great crowd, soaring spirits, many of us dressed in our finery. I was happy to meet Jimbo's wife and mother-in-law, and it was fun
to see their glowing pride in him and their enjoyment.

Jimbo's documentary is excellent. What can I say? Buy the DVD! I got mine at a discount at the theater, with a free poster that's getting framed and put up in my studio this weekend. There were
quite a few high points, punctuated by laughter and even some loud verbal comments.

Watch for interviews with Steve Van Zandt and Lenny Kaye--and you _must_ see the "interrupted" interview with Little Steven that's included as an extra on the DVD!

It was quite bittersweet for everyone that Howard "Richard" Tepp passed away on June 17--even for me, even though I never met him and he didn't know me.

After the presentation, Jimbo introduced the seven remaining members of the band who were present (a few others could not attend) and a few of them made some heartfelt comments. We also listened to a few tracks from the new RYL CD.

These guys are real MUSICIANS. They had some misfortunes in the music business, got on with their lives, then came back 35 years later to play again in front of audiences--and they have a loyal following.

I had a chance to meet them, and enjoyed every moment of it. All of them were gracious and joyous, with large doses of humility in evidence. I told Shelly Riff that I'd visited his website a whole bunch of times and it was good to finally meet him.

I hope all of you are well and happy,
Jim G.

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