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Out of Our Dens:
The Richard & the Young Lions Story
a Lantern-Media Production

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We have no relation to this book,
it just fits the theme of this page

Shmoozing with Lantern-Media


1. (verb) - Chat; network: i.e. "There was a lot of shmoozing at the company cocktail party."
2. (verb) - Idle talk, gossip, chat, lightweight conversation, one not serious in nature.
3. (verb) - To converse casually, especially in order to make a social connection.

This is the section of the website where you can see the Lantern-Media guys (ok, mostly James) shmoozing at some pretty cool events over the years.

In other words, this is the Pictures page.

So click a few of the links over there on your left and let the shmoozing fly!

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