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Out of Our Dens:
The Richard & the Young Lions Story
a Lantern-Media Production

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CJS Design

Chris's NEW page is at

The On-line Portfolio of
Christopher John Sztybel

171 East Golf Avenue
South Plainfield, NJ 07080
Phone: (908) 412-8958


Designed by:


Logo for

Pen/Ink Illustration of Madonna

Flyer for "The Oracle" nightclub

Promo for Amnesty International

Base art for John Lennon Poster

Interface for
Mies van der Rohe website

Type Exercise #3

Logo for Against the Stars (band)

Logo for

Logo for Captain Carwash

Tattoo Design of Faerie

Tattoo Design of Gargoyle

Isometric object "Shape 1"

Label design for Helen of Troy Fine Mustard

American New Wave (a.k.a. The 80s) motifs - Pop Rocks

Sample of CJS Design
Personal Website

Sticker for Megatone Bomb (band)

Love Graphic



Flash Animation for

Flash Animation for

Flash Animation for

2560 US Hway 22, PMB 156
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076

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